Wedding season is upon us, and with it comes a whole host of wardrobe dilemmas. Long? Short?  And how to look stylish without upstaging the bride? Luckily, we’ve got some fab outfits for the chicest guest outfits for Spring/Summer – whether your wedding is in the town, country or beach.

1)       Maxi Dresses

For those that can’t be bothered to shave their legs or don’t feel that their legs are their best asset, maxi dresses are a fabulous and elegant option as a wedding guest. Paired with the right accessories, you really can’t go wrong!


2)      Skater Dresses

The skater dress is fast becoming one of our favourite styles; it’s versatile, easy to wear and a must-have season after season. Whether you’re loving lace or colour-blocking, these pretty numbers are a great choice for a wedding.


3)      Sparkly Accessories

It’s a wedding! It’s a time to celebrate! And celebration means glitter and sparkles! Add some statement jewellery to an otherwise simple dress or some metallic heels to give your look an edge. A gold or silver clutch is also a great way to eliminate you from being the guest with the most boring outfit.

Bags & Bling

4)      Skirt and Top Combo

Not everyone feels comfortable in a dress and others like to mix it up by being different. A good skirt-top combo can make you stand out if paired in the right way. A corset is a great alternative to a top and can look sexy and sleek with a slimming pencil skirt.

Skirts and Corsets

There you have a fair few options as a wedding guest, however there are a few no-nos. And by no nos, I mean HELL NO.

What Not to Wear to a wedding

1)      A White Dress

Maybe it’s an old-fashioned rule. Maybe the bride doesn’t care. But wearing a white dress to a wedding just makes you look like an a**hole. Really, you couldn’t choose any other dress?

2)      A Super short dress

Ok, so you’re single and wanna impress the best man. But resist the temptation to wear a mini dress. By the end of the night, most of the other guests will have seen parts of you that they would rather have not. Plus, children attend weddings too.

3)      A Super tight dress

If the outline of your underwear can be seen through the dress, then it’s too tight. No one wants to see your thong. Well maybe the groom’s creepy uncle does. But trust me, no one else does.

4)      A Plunging Neckline and No Bra

We get it. You have amazing boobs. But unless you got a +2 to this wedding, leave the girls at home. (Or just tucked into a more appropriate dress.)

5)      Jeans

There’s not much to say here. They’re just not appropriate. Don’t wear ‘em.

6)      Head-to-toe black

Unless you’re heading over to stop your ex’s wedding, it’s best not to dress like you’re attending a funeral.

So there you are. Some tips for looking beautiful and classy, as opposed to skanky and inappropriate at a wedding.

Some girls will listen.. but some just won’t…


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