It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air!

Okay, maybe not.

In fact, quite a number of people dislike this “Hallmark Holiday,” and some people have even dubbed it “Singleness Awareness Day.” Whether you enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day or you just go with the flow and do the bare minimum, everybody could do with a bit of Valentine’s advice…

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My advice for singles on Valentine’s Day…

1)     Stay away from restaurants. Not because they are jam-packed and not because they’ve got overpriced Set Meal menus (“only 70 quid and it includes a rose and a complimentary glass of champagne!), but because there is nothing more depressing than seeing table after table filled with struggling couples who haven’t been out for a nice meal together since the last Valentine’s Day.

2)     For about a month before Valentine’s Day, any business with any sense will have sales on products and package discounts. So what if you’re single?! Take advantage of the cheapness!!

3)     You aren’t the only person coping with being single on Valentine’s Day, so why not round up some unattached chicks and hit a bar or get together for a dinner party!

4)     Since you aren’t spending your dough on some dude, might as well spend it on yourself. Treat yourself to a bouncy blow dry or a pretty pedicure. Or buy yourself a sexy dress or some new earrings!

5)     And finally… DON’T..

–       Listen to soppy music and think about the boyfriend you don’t have.

–       Watch a love story; stick to comedies or action flicks.

–       Lay in bed all day.

–       Mope around feeling sorry for yourself.

–       Call an ex-boyfriend.

My advice for him this Valentine’s Day…

1)     Firstly…for god’s sake DON’T FORGET! If you can remember a night out with the lads on the weekend, then it won’t do you any favours to forget Valentine’s Day!

2)     What shall I get her?

Nothing says I love you like planning what to do with her dead body….

funeral for valentines day

Ha, only kidding. Whatever it is, just make sure it’s personal. It doesn’t need to be an expensive piece of jewellery  or a Chanel handbag. Book her a massage or take her to get her hair done. Anything to make her feel beautiful.

3)      Does it have to include a meal?

Yes. But that doesn’t have to mean dinner at the most expensive spot in town. It can be a picnic, indoors or out. It can be a trip down memory lane, like the place you went on your first date. It could be lunch at a hotel or a home cooked meal.

Whatever it is, think intimate vs. expensive.

4)      What else can I do to make it special?

Set the mood. Whether you’re going out or staying in, you can do a few things to establish a romantic ambiance and put your date in a good mood. Dress up a bit and take extra care for your appearance. Speak in gentle, loving tones. Hold your date’s gaze and sit or stand close to him or her. And smile!

Play up the element of surprise. Your date might know you have something planned for Valentine’s Day, but don’t tell them everything you’re doing. Surprise them with flowers at work early in the day, have a candlelight dinner waiting as soon as they walk in the door, or leave them sweet notes posted around the house.

So whatever your status, just remember that Valentine’s Day only lasts a day. Come the 15th February and all the chocolate boxes will be on the clearance shelf at 50% off.

On that note, Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

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