A Taste Less Ordinary

I’m lucky enough to have enjoyed some incredible dining experiences in some of the best restaurants around the world… but last weekend I tried somewhere completely out of my comfort zone.  Situated on a quiet Fitzrovia side street is one of London’s most unusual dining destinations. Archipelago.

The food is spectacularly exotic, especially for the adventurous type, not to mention the gorgeous interior of the restaurant, adorned with historical artefacts, palm trees and peacock feathers. It felt like a scene from Indiana Jones!

Among a great list of starters that included crocodile, zebra and python, we opted for the first two.  I was anxious, yet excited and when my food was placed in front of me, I was pleasantly surprised at how fantastic the presentation was. From the fantastic array of main courses, we opted for the Kangaroo skewers and Duck Leg and we were not disappointed. Again, I experienced new fragrances and tastes that really made the difference from my usual lamb and chicken choices.

I didn’t dare to try the Love-bug salad which was a mixture of locusts, worms and crickets but stuck with standard Bok-Choi (Spinach in garlic), which was the only “normal” part of the meal.

arch web 2 x

And finally the best part of any meal in my opinion is DESSERT. We chose the Medieval Hive which was Brown butter ice-cream, honey and butter caramel sauce and a baby bee. Yes, a baby bee. And boy was it delicious!

archi web

For those of you that don’t like to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to dining, you don’t have to! Their mainstream meat and vegetarian options are just as enjoyable and you really won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to go back and try the options I didn’t get to and it was definitely one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve had in a long time!

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