Seven things to SMILE about

So it’s already March! Does anyone else feel like they don’t know where the first couple of months went? Are you exhausted already? Me too!

They say life is about the small stuff and I totally agree! What small luxuries do you love? What do you krave? What makes you smile?

Here are a 7 things that always manage to perk me up:

1)      Cupcakes

Anyone that knows me, knows my obsession with cupcakes. They’re just gorgeous, delicious and what’s not to love? Whether it’s a classic vanilla, red velvet or a carrot cake cupcake, I’m down! So for anyone that loves me, has pissed me off or both, CUPCAKES are the way to my heart. My absolute fave are from The Hummingbird Bakery and luckily they have lots of locations all over London. 🙂


2)      Fresh cut flowers

Flowers are one of those things that are totally unnecessary but so lovely to enjoy. They just make me happy. Whenever possible, I love to buy freshly cut sunflowers from a farm shop or roses and keep them at my bedside or in my kitchen.


3)      Fancy coffee

Sometimes you don’t want just a regular cup of instant “crap.” Sometimes you want one of those indulgent, creamy, luxurious coffees. Or in my case, a chai tea latte or a full fat vanilla macchiato with whipped cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon powder. Mmmm. Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound amazing? A place with a difference is right in the centre of London and definitely worth a visit in between shopping on Oxford Street. Now that’s real coffee.

chai latte

4)      A perfect bed

Don’t you just love the way it feels to get into a freshly made bed with beautiful soft sheets and a fluffy duvet? Besides, most of us spend more time in our beds than most other places. So why not spend a bit of money and make it perfect? Egyptian cotton sheets are a bit pricey, however there are some great bargains out there! I found that TK Maxx had a great selection of bed linen, much of which is great quality too. It’s definitely worth wading through their mess to get some new fab bedding so you can snuggle in luxury. Preferably with a sexy six-packing Ryan Gosling look-alike. But if not, a duck-down pillow isn’t bad either.


5)      A bubble bath

I love lighting candles and soaking in a steamy hot bath when I’m feeling stressed or tense–adding a sweet smelling oil like one from the Jo Malone’s “Pomegranate Noir” can make it even more delightful. Then stick on some “Sade” on your ipod and chill. Flippin’ fabulous.


6)      Reading

Whether it’s a book you can get enthralled in, or a gossip magazine to inform you on the latest celebrity boob jobs, getting lost in a good read is absolutely the best way to ESCAPE. However great a TV show or movie, it can’t compare to a good book. My latest read was “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and I literally didn’t move for 2 days, other than to eat or pee. That was a cheap weekend.


7)      Listening to old songs

I’m not sure if I’m just getting old but there’s nothing as exciting to me as finding an old CD or even a cassette and reminiscing with old songs from your childhood. It’s even better if you’re with an old friend and you’re both singing at the top of your lungs, and even though you haven’t heard the song in like 15 years, somehow the words just fly out of your mouth like you heard it yesterday. Suddenly you’re transported to your high school prom where you’re dancing like a lunatic to “21 seconds” by the So Solid Crew, while the rude boy in the “Avirex” jacket thinks it’s impressive to rap the words in your ear. LOVE IT.


So there you have it … my 7 little smilers

What goodies make you grin? 🙂 

Pooja x

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