A salon that finally cut the Mustard

“Just a trim please”

We’ve all been there. Those salons where you ask for a trim and leave with a bob. You go in for a bit of relaxation and a cup of tea and you get a teenager tugging at your hair and texting her boyfriend.

You keep going religiously though just to “be safe.” You even begin to give up trying to find that perfect salon… or at least I did until I found Mustard.

I have thick, heavy hair which many hair stylists don’t know how to handle and I’m not one to want the same colour or style every time I visit. I like to leave feeling different… a new person. And that’s exactly what I get when I go to Jodie.

mustard salon

As you walk into the salon, you immediately feel at ease. The rustic brick walls and wooden benches along with unusual decor on the wall almost makes you feel like you’re on holiday, albeit it a short one. It’s warm, inviting and peaceful.  Every time I enter, I’m greeted with a smile and a kiss on the cheek by Jodie, the salon owner. Her bubbly nature is infectious and you immediately feel like you’re in the hands of a professional. The staff at Mustard is the ultimate balance of professional and friendly. They know when to talk business, when to talk socially, and when to just let you read your magazine. They are always relaxed, genuine, easy-going, AND also extremely talented, knowledgeable and on-trend. They have truly perfected this to an art.

And because there is a very low turnover rate there, you can really establish a long term relationship with your stylist, and get what you really want, which is consistent results. Unlike many other salons, the staff here do really listen and try to give you what you are asking for.

And my last visit was no different. I was absolutely chuffed 🙂


All this, along with a glass of bubbly to enhance my experience even more. What more could you want?

mustard champagne

I personally think that this is just the beginning for Mustard. The sky is definitely the limit for Jodie and her fab team!



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