New Week, New Addiction

CHILLY and damp weather can often wreak havoc on our skin. As the temperatures drop our bodies becomes susceptible to the dramatic change in weather causing dry, flaky and sore red patches to appear on our skin. We tend to drink less water during the winter months which means our skin becomes even more dehydrated than usual and feels rough and damaged. This is caused by the lack of moisture in the air when it’s cold and in a dry environment, water is lost from our skin cells leaving it feeling sore and chapped. This is generally aggravated by central heating at home or at work and as the wintry weather takes its bite, our skin demands a moisturiser that’s heavier than what we would have been using.

I have tried and tested a number of body lotions but some feel too greasy, while others don’t have a fragrance that I’m too keen on… Until I found….

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works lists their products as not tested on animals and these products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, so they are vegan-friendly. They have hundreds of amazingly delicious flavours, from Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss to Coconut Lime Breeze and lots more and they’re always adding to their range! I even found that after using their lotions, there was no need to use a perfume as well. Unlike many body lotions, you can smell the gorgeous fragrance for hours after applying and they almost smell edible!!!

The downside? They don’t have stores or a website based in the UK 🙁

However, there are a few websites that do sell a smaller range of these lotions and their other popular products and they’re well worth a buy!

Check this one out 🙂

I would definitely recommend this website if you want to try Bath and Body Works lotions but don’t have any plans to venture across the pond.

Now the only problem I have is… which one do I try next?

Bath and body works

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