Making a Statement

From maxis to cocktail dresses, and even with your favourite jumper, a statement necklace can add to any outfit. Bloggers and celebs alike are all about statement necklaces, making this item the go-to accessory to throw on with any outfit.

There are chokers, pendant necklaces, pearl necklaces, bead necklaces, gold and sterling silver necklaces, long draping necklaces, plastic necklaces, and jewelled necklaces to choose from. There’s something for everyone!


Just last week at the Golden Globes, Sofia Vergara looked fabulous in a very plain black floor-length gown paired with a turquoise head-turning Lorraine Schwartz necklace. The price tag? Well… you don’t wanna know!

But you can create this same look with our fabulous “The Majestic Blue” statement piece at only £19.99.

The Majestic Blue

Others, such as power-dresser, Pippa Middleton prefer to jazz up a day time outfit with a gem stone neck piece by Accessorize.  While the outfit on the whole has more of a laid-back feel, the statement necklace brings an element of femininity that brightens the outfit and upgrades the look from a basic outfit.

Pippa Middleton necklace

Blogger, designer, and former reality star Lauren Conrad features an instructive how-to post on her blog.  She pairs a neon, layered statement necklace with a basic button-up shirt.  With solid colours, whether they are dresses or T-shirts, Conrad pairs multi-coloured statement necklaces, bringing attention to an otherwise solid item. She suggests pairing the art deco statement necklace with basic blacks.  For example, a basic black T-shirt or little black dress would pair well with a geometric statement necklace, or one with a series of shapes and chains.


Layering necklaces is also a great way to create entirely new looks. The key to layering necklaces is layering different styles of necklaces. If you layer necklaces that are all the same, the look is not as effective or nearly as interesting so try to find necklaces that are of different lengths, weight and colours.

Statement necklaces are a trend that is finding its way onto the racks of retail stores all over and is sure to become your go-to accessory to spice up just about any outfit

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