Did you ever think there would be a blog written about this?  A clutch bag is a very simple handbag, and it is constantly in the fashion pages of magazines and web stores.

Clutch bags are great; they are purposeful and they are always suggested for weddings and for nights out.  So, is this the only time you can carry a clutch bag? Definitely not!

Check out my view on where and when you can rock a clutch!

1) Wedding and Dinners:  This is an obvious.  Clutch bags are always suggested for these events because they are considered “special occasion ” bags. True, but not necessarily ALWAYS true. Clutches are perfect for events such as these because they are easy to put on the table and to carry in the palm of your hand or under your arm without being obtrusive.  Imagine carrying a big shoulder bag to an evening event? Ugh! What really makes a clutch work for these events, is that they do not obstruct a really great outfit.

2) Business Appointments: This is the one big error women make; not carrying a clutch with them when they go on business appointments.  And why not?   It looks a lot more tailored carrying a clutch than carrying some shoulder bag and your suit.  Think about it. No straps, flaps or cross body harnesses.  Just simplicity that does not get  in your way.  Just to give you a helpful hint: the “Bold Beauty” from our range is absolutely perfect in this role.


3) Out for the Day: Ever considered just leaving the house for lunch or running errands during your day with a clutch bag?  Well, why not?  Check out the very fashionable Victoria Beckham, we spotted running errands carrying a neutral clutch.  Now, doesn’t she look smart and sophisticated?  That clutch looks like it can go anywhere.  Why?  Because it is so unobtrusive.  She is casually carrying the bag (along with her daughter!) and it looks great.  It adds simple sophistication to her look and really, to her day all around.  Think about adding a clutch to your jeans, jumper and leather jacket or to knee high boots, leggings and a smart coat.  Clean, easy and sophisticated.  And you do not have to be concerned about keeping the strap on your shoulder all day long, especially if you have a child too!


4) Travelling: Nothing more clever than travelling with a clutch bag.  Pack the carry-on bag, then put your important items, like passport, wallet, mobile phone and make-up bag in your clutch bag and put that clutch bag inside the carry-on.  Now you can easily access all the important MUST HAVE items in the safety of your clutch bag.  And still have the affordable spacious luxury of a carry-on or other piece of hand baggage.  Then when at your destination, your clutch is ready to go out for the evening or to that special event.

We LOVE Clutch Bags!

Pooja xx


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